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Here is just a sampling of what are clients say about Play At The Plate Baseball

Here’s my words:  Excellent organization.  

Offers a variety of baseball adventures all over the world.  Have been to a few over the years (twice with my son), and enjoyed playing and meeting other ballplayers, specially the ones with great stories to share.   Greenie makes it fun for everyone, and a reasonable cost.

Mike Mannino

Staten Island, NY

PATP has given me a weekend to recapture my youth and participate in the game that I last participated in 30 years ago as a college freshman.

There was little surprise in the actual playing of the games; hoped for there was the smell of the grass, the sound of wooden bats echoing, … beautiful. And the not so beautiful- this 48 year old not quite getting to balls that I used to, the newly acquired addiction to Tylenol for the aches and pains of running out to my position but the aches vanished, if only temporarily, with a solid hit or two with the wooden bat, a “Scott Green” model, in fact.

What I did enjoy most, and to that point completely forgot about over the years, was what a special place the dugout is; the sarcasm, the ribbing, the one-liners, the banter…waiting my turn, running in and out, being a teammate. I was thrilled to share it with others who were there because of the same indefinable allure baseball has, thanks again.

I apologize for the Hallmark description. If it brought a tear to your eye, pull yourself together and toughen up cupcake. I just wanted to say thanks, Scott, for a job well done.


Pittsburg, PA

Unbelievable! The best baseball experience of my life.

I wanted to thank both of you for making the Wrigley Field experience possible. I know you both worked very hard to make this happen and I really appreciate everything you do, and allowing me to be part of Play at the Plate. 

Jerry Harris

Huntsville, Alabama

Just wanted to share my experience at last Tournament in West Palm Beach.

The Long Island Mutiny were treated like pros especially by Spencer Callery, Bryce Kerrigan, and Evan Azzo! I totally recommend any serious ball player to try any of these exciting tournaments at Play at the Plate. Definitely, a can’t miss.

Brian Sztabnik

Long Island, New York

Imagine rooting for a team for 60 years.

Imagine that it’s tough sledding for most of those years, and really grim for the past 19, but they do move into the world’s most scenic ballpark.  Imagine playing ball in that park—outfield, infield, behind the plate, at the plate.

Then you can imagine what it was like for me to play at PNC!  An absolutely great tournament, as always, and really special for me.

Not many people, outside of the Major Leagues will ever have the opportunity presented to us by Scott Green and Play at the Plate.

Thank you!


Not many people, outside of the Major Leagues will ever have the opportunity presented to us by Scott Green and Play at the Plate. Since returning to Houston, I have done nothing but rave about how everyone connected with the Indians made me feel at home. They were all extremely personable, the food was very good, the morning layout was outstanding and the locker room service was that one extra touch that helped to give you the feel of a major league Baseball Team and player.

Scott Green puts on the best baseball events in the U.S. This is a “must do” event for anyone who loves the game of baseball. It was first class all the way. It was a priceless experience.

Scott Becker

St. Paul, MN

Greenie has passion for his profession and he does it very well and with a smile.

Can’t ask for much more than that…

Tim Steele

Pittsburgh, PA

For me, it was like a Career/Lifetime Achievement Award experience

Having paid my dues as a baseball lifer in venues all over the country, THIS was by far the topper. Unforgettable. I will cherish it forever. 

Dave Schultz

Chicago, Illinois

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