About PATP

What is Play at the Plate?
Play at the Plate runs men’s adult baseball tournaments and events at Major League Parks, Spring Training facilities, Triple A Stadiums and other fields, parks or stadiums of interest across America.

Single players, groups and even full teams can participate in our tournaments or camps. Some events are very competitive with the emphasis on winning, while others are for the enjoyment of the venue and camaraderie.

Your Experience
Just think what a great thrill you could have walking through the tunnel from the clubhouse to the dugout at a park like Fenway or Wrigley….the excitement of rounding second base after hitting a ball off the right field wall at PNC Park, or shagging down that long fly ball in deep center at Chase Field.

These camps are open to players over 25 and fathers can bring their sons if they are over the age of 14. We have events for every possible scenario.

You could be standing in center field at historic Rickwood Field (our nation’s oldest park) in Birmingham Alabama where Willie Mays played or slash a ball off the left field fence at historic Doubleday Field in Cooperstown New York. Pitch a complete game at Progressive Field and have all the amenities that we introduced to this market way back in 2004; a locker in the clubhouse, lunch and laundry service at most events, a camp get together and a memory that will last a lifetime.

We have a tournament that is geared for you and a vacation your entire family will enjoy.

For the past 15 years, PATP has been organizing and running men’s baseball tournaments across North America. We’ve had events at:

  • Fenway Park
  • Wrigley Field
  • Tokyo Dome
  • Seibu Dome
  • PNC Park
  • Progressive Field
  • Chase Field
  • Rickwood Field
  • LaBatt Park
  • Doubleday Field

These are just a few of the many experiences you could be having playing baseball with Play at the Plate, the best choice for Men’s Baseball tournaments and events in America today.

Join us and find out why Play at the Plate is the Major League of Adult Baseball.

Scott Green
President / Founder,
Play At The Plate

Men's Adult Baseball