• Time to make some cuts.
  • The Indians still want us.
  • We need to support Cooperstown.
  • Hopefully 3 events in South Florida this fall.

Hello everyone,

I guess the new standard greeting is “I hope this finds you safe and well” I also hope you have kept busy and to those of you who I know are frontline personnel we thank you.

It has been 2 months since the last update. The reasons being the obvious, and there wasn’t any news to tell you about as we all wait and see where this pandemic situation takes us.

But finally a few things to pass on, so here we go. It’s a little long…..

Regardless of the uncertain future ahead of all of us, we needed to make some schedule changes. We have decided to drop from our 2020 schedule; Field of Dreams, the Lollygagger in Durham and The Rickwood Field Classic. I could get long winded here and give you multiple reasons for all 3 events, but simply put we are gearing up for the fall with 4 premium events and hopefully 1 Major League Park (Cleveland) in late August. We don’t want to compete with ourselves and want to hold what we think are the best value, the best experience, best locations and far enough down the road where many of the social restrictions and tensions could be relaxed and a better time can be had by all of us.

Again, no one knows for certainty what the future holds but we felt that we needed to compress our offerings now and have a definitive schedule in place for you.

So with this in mind, let’s look at the events quickly.

Progressive Field tentative dates August 15-18

I was thrilled yesterday to receive an email from the Cleveland Indians asking me if we were still planning on going to Progressive Field. Hell yeah, we still want to go!! So the plan right now is this. We will wait to see what MLB does and how a reworked schedule effects our dates. I told the Indians hopefully we get lucky and they are on the road and everything stays the same. If the dates are not available we will pick new ones and make those work. But simply put, we should be at Progressive Field this season. Let’s see what happens.

Cooperstown Fall Classic September 25-27.

For 14 of the past 16 years PATP has held an event in beautiful upstate New York in Cooperstown. The town is enduring some unbelievably tough times right now. The Hall of Fame Induction program which probably would have been the biggest in decades with Derek Jeter going in and the cancellation of the mega huge Dreams Park travel youth baseball tournaments has put a tremendous strain on the town and its residents. We would be remiss not to play there this fall. The past few years we have done very little marketing or promoting of this event and relied on our clients from the tristate area and portions of New England to get the word out for us and show up. This year we want to make it a larger event with 2 divisions. A competitive division and a father son division. We are going to promote this event as this year’s Father/Son tournament since we are not going to Iowa. I’d also consider a full rules division to take the place of our Rickwood event. We have 3 Fields to utilize up there, so let’s make it happen.


The Vero Beach Classic October 1-4, 2020

As many of you know this was our first casualty of the season. This was slated to be our big April event. We asked the fine folks at historic Dodgertown for future dates and this has received a very warm response. This is the event we want to push and push hard. We were so excited about playing here. No event that we have ever held has more to offer. If you told me now you could have one event this year…this would be my choice.

If you signed up for the first event you will need to re-register on line. There is an icon to click. We actually have had several inquiries from new teams wanting to come now. I think the turnout could be great. You will also need to call Dodgertown and reserve your villa. We had the whole place sold out in April, so don’t wait. That info is on our site.

The Second Annual Fantasy Camp World Series

Fitteam Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, Oct. 22-25, 2020

Win a big gaudy ring!! We held this event last year in Iowa. Had a great time, but for me it needed to feel more like a Fantasy Camp from your favorite MLB team and so we decided to go to one of baseball’s newest spring training facilities. You’ll have all the amenities for this event, locker, laundry, lunch, batting tunnels and an early arrival practice. To date we have 5 teams committed with at least 4 or so expressing interest. 8 teams is the limit. Hopefully this is further down the road when social sanctions will have been eased off and we can enjoy West Palm Beach at a great time of year.

Remember this is for teams that have played in a fantasy camp. We will also have a pool team for players who have played for multiple or can’t find a team now. The Rockies will be back to defend their title…and try and get another ring.

The College Alumni World Series

Vero Beach, Florida December 10-13

We return to historic Dodgertown in December for a brand new event.

This has been in the works for over 2 years. If you have played college baseball and want to get the boys back to play against other college competition this is for you. We have great plans for this new division of PATP and have amassed close to 3000 emails of college coaches and alumni directors from various lists nationwide and we are about to launch the marketing campaign with the help of a few good clients. We feel this could be huge in just a few years with tournaments for every conference and the big national event at the end. We are only taking 8 teams for this inaugural event. All the info will be on our site later this week. I wanted to thank Jerri Dobler, Steve Shutt and Michael Brunner for their help in putting this event together.

Well that’s it from here. Please stay healthy and safe, try and throw the ball around a little and keep watching the MLB highlight reels….(Home Run Derby with Mantle and Mays was awesome)

I miss you very much, but we will get through this and be stronger and we will reconnect with the game we love soon…


Send your photos and videos to me at:

See you on the field,


We hope this email update finds you, your family and your teammates safe, well and prepared for the current health situation we are all facing together. We are living in historic times.

Without sports, most notably of course being baseball, we are all chomping at the bit to hopefully be back on the field when the crisis is over and it’s safe to be around each other once again. This is a tough time, but we are all in this together and we will come out of it stronger and united.

So looking ahead to this season of events we had scheduled, I have the following news for you based on the current situation.

We have a rescheduled date for our Vero Beach event which was scheduled for next week. It will be October 1-4, 2020.

Our tournament in May in Durham has been postponed. The city of Durham is on lock down until April 30th. Certainly too close for our dates regardless of what happens health wise between now and then. I have been in contact with the Bulls and they have offered me 2 future dates in late summer that actually work for our schedule. They are August 27-30 or Sept 10-13. Nice times to be there. Average high temperature of about 82 degrees. Let me know what you think.

Our Field of Dreams event July 30-August 2 was on my list to perhaps cancel as I have been hired by MLB to run an event for them 2 weeks later before their Yankees/White Sox games. I was going to give that tournament a year off, but right now it could actually become our first event of the year. To date I have not received or heard of any news about the MLB event nor the beginning of the MLB season.  So, we are going to promote our event with the hopes we can hold it safely and get as many people there for an unforgettable baseball experience.

The following tournament dates are unchanged as of this writing.

Progressive Field: August 15-18

Doubleday Fall Classic: Sept. 25-27

Rickwood Field Classic: Oct. 9-11

Fantasy Camp World Series: Oct. 22-25

College Alumni World Series: Dec. 10-13 (new event, more about this later)

Hopefully this crisis will pass soon and we can resume to a normal state of being. I will keep you informed when any news comes to us regarding any scheduled event.

So it looks like a very busy late summer, early fall.

Now I have a small favor to ask. 3 homework assignments. If you have any pictures or video from any of our events, we would like for you to send them to us to be featured in our new website page. Also if you are PATP Hall of Famer, please submit a picture of yourself for our new Hall of Famer page.

And finally, go to Google and type in Play at the Plate. You’ll click on the icon for our website. But don’t go to it…scroll down to the new Google Business page and leave a review. I’d appreciate it.

Well that’s it for now, back to YouTube to watch baseball highlights from yesteryear….

We wish all of you, health, safety and best wishes as we get through this enormous challenge together.


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See you on the field,