Cancellation Policy

The following is the Cancellation Policy for standard tournaments. Please see the specific policy for tournaments on Major League Fields that follows.

Every once in a while a player has to cancel his appearance due to family matters, health issues, or problems with work. We understand those matters can happen. But in most cases PATP has definitive expenses we lay out prior to each event. These costs are based on the number of players who have signed up, therefore we must enforce the following refund policies for player cancellations.

A full credit (not a refund) towards a future PATP event will be given if the cancellation is received by us 60 days prior to the event.

A 50% credit not a refund) will be given when the cancellation is received between 30 and 59 days.

A 25 % credit not a refund) only for a future event if a cancellation occurs between 29 and 2 weeks before an event.

There is no credit for cancelations made 14 days or less before an event.

All credits must be used within 3 years of the date of the event that the player had originally registered for.

In the very rare case that an event should be cancelled due to weather, an act of God, or circumstances beyond PATP control, we will credit 50% of the players fee towards another event within the 3 year period of the cancellations.



Due to the very large non refundable deposits that PATP must make and other contractual obligations it takes to procure a Major League Park, we cannot provide refunds or credits to future events should you need to cancel at any time.

Should an unexpected emergency occur prior to an MLB Park event, we would suggest you notify us and try to find someone to take your spot. If, in fact, someone else has taken your spot, please notify us so we can accomodate them at the event.

Thank you for your understanding,
Scott Green
Play At The Plate