By the way, the picture above is a group of us at the Field of Dreams taken by a professional photographer!
The reviews from our survey sent to the players who joined us in Iowa a few weeks ago are in and they may be the best received reviews we have ever received. It’s so gratifying that even after 14 years in the baseball event business you can still produce a tournament that touches players and their families.
The 2018 dates are on sale now and I am happy to say they are selling quickly!
August 10-12, 2018 will be our “Go the Distance Classic” a conventional PATP event. 25 and over 30 to pitch. Yes you can still bring your son but we are gearing that event for the more competitive player.
August 17-19, 2018 will be our “Dad, do you wanna have a catch Classic” an event for parents and their children. We ask the children be at least 14 years old.
Don’t miss the opportunity to play baseball in the heartland of America in a special setting and feel the magic that both baseball and this small Midwestern town can bring to you!
All the info is on our website: Register for 2018!

Enjoy the reviews below!!

  • You built it and they came!!!!
  • “Bucket list type event”
  • If Scott Green plans it, players will come!
  • Great experience.
  • Wonderful experience.
  • Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to have this experience. Great time.
  • Great time to be with good people!
  • Life time memory!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would play at the field of dreams when I started playing baseball again 2 years ago.
  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Greenie exceeded even the highest expectations. The people of Dyersville opened their arms to greet us unlike any event I’ve attended before. This tournament should be on any baseball fan’s bucket list.
  • Is this HEAVEN? =)
  • Overall fantastic experience
  • Without question the most thrilling baseball experience of my life.
  • Field of Dreams to me and my son is a very special magical place. It’s hard to explain it into words. It was an emotional experience! It was professionally ran and all the guys from all the teams were awesome to play with and against. I’ll gladly return for next year’s Field of Dreams!
  • Every baseball fans bucket list
  • I loved Reds Fantasy Camp. This was a great extension of that, incredible experience!
  • Was absolutely wonderful. I had a great time, great people, nice town, great fields.
  • Overall this was one of the best Play at the Plate events (excluding Wrigley & Fenway).
  • The atmosphere was excellent, the weather very good, easy to get to the fields and teammates made this event very relaxed.
  • This was one of the best events (Japan has been the best) for Play at the Plate – not a Major League experience, but definitely worth the time and money.
  • Once in a lifetime chance!!
  • Wonderful experience in a wonderful location. The off-the-field-experience – the camaraderie, making new friends and the experience of Dyersville, watching the movie under the stars – is one I would happily repeat.
  • This was a fun event for all skill levels. The Field of Dreams movie site was a lot of fun. The weather was PERFECT. I met a great group of guys that love playing baseball and have a good time. Dyersville, IA is a step back in time to small town Midwest USA. I thoroughly enjoyed this event!
  • Dyersville is a delightful town with friendly people and a special link to baseball.
  • Great opportunity to play on that field. Great memory.
  • It was great being in middle America in a really cool small town, and seeing a beautiful creation from Hollywood become a possible venue for future Play at The Plate events!
  • Found new friends , experienced seeing rural & sights of the United States which I probably would not have traveled, the field of dreams & its history, the Mississippi & its surroundings, the city of Dubuque, & Dyersville & oh yes ,the corn fields!
  • Come find the magic of baseball with the ghosts in the corn fields of Iowa! Live & play on the Field of Dreams!
  • FOD is beautiful and worthy of a regular yearly event!
  • Great event, especially for father/son tandem.
  • A lot of fun. I enjoyed the guys who were on my team.

See you on the field,

Scott Green