Update 9/1/20: Spoke to the Indians yesterday and they already have a 2021 schedule for the season…our dates will roughly be the same…the event will happen between August 12th and the 15th. Indians game on Thursday the 12th then depending on the groundskeeper we play Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday….I prefer Sat/Sun with Friday going to League Park. This gives them a day for any necessary field maintenance.

This event was to be the jewel in our 2020 schedule. We had waited for 6 years to return to Progressive Field after having 4 very successful events between 2010 and 2013. A change in the front office and a bad on field experience with another group kept us at bay since then.
Every year I tried to reopen the door but to no avail until this past December 2019, when the Indians agreed to let us come back for a two day event in the summer of 2020.

But as we all know the world got shook up with the pandemic and our entire schedule pretty much went out the window. To the Indians great credit they still tried until the very last minute to hold the event. It would not have had all the amenities that make it a true Major League experience, so we will shoot for late a Spring or Summer date in 2021. I will be speaking to the Indians within the next week to restart the process.

Rest assured…we are going to play at Progressive Field!

For the players who have registered for this event, their spots are safe. We have about 8-10 spots open.
The Hilton Garden Inn directly across the street from the player’s entrance will be our camp hotel and will have a block of rooms ready when we secure the dates.

The fee for this Major League Experience is $895 per player. You’ll play 4 2hour and 15 minute games over 2 days, with a locker in the visitor’s clubhouse, lunch daily and your uniforms laundered after the first day’s games. The batting tunnel will be open all day along with one of the bullpens. If the schedule permits us to attend an Indians game the day before the camp we will be going.
Hopefully the Covid situation by next summer will be over and social distancing will not be in place.

So, let us get the new dates, and we will promote this and inform those already registered and get ready to return to what I personally feel and have told many clients to the finest playing surface on the planet earth, Progressive Field.