News Update October 25, 2014

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Lots to talk about so let’s get started.

We’ll start off by saying the trip to Japan that was organized by my great friend John Baessler was the trip of a lifetime. I didn’t think that it could out do the one from the year before but it did. (And we have more treats in store for next year) We had a great group of players and guests and further cemented our relationships with the Japanese players and their guests and had the time of our lives.

We won 2 out of the 3 games we played, the highlight play a Terry Lee Grand Slam in the last game, visited 2 ballparks, saw the sights and had a great last night at Seibudome where our logo was flashed on the message board and a camera zoomed in to our group….. (Thanks to “Help Me” Mitz Tokuda)….and then we were allowed to go on the field after the game. We are currently in talks with the Seibu Lions to play a game there and I believe we have struck a deal.

The 2015 trip is going out for sale this week with an early registration discount and only a deposit is required to hold your very limited spot. If you have ever wanted to have this adventure, don’t pass on it. It’s awesome!!!!

Last week in New Orleans the defending champion Southland Hogs received their Champions League rings from last year and retained their title with a 4-0 victory over a very tough and undefeated Baton Rouge Reds team. It was played in the best weather ever for that event, and by far was the best baseball we have ever had at one of our tournaments. The PATP team which is generally a pool team of players was 3-0 going into the last day…then we met both the Reds and Hogs and were clearly outclassed….even though I want to thank the guys from Houston who joined us and the rest of the team, as we had a blast, made new friends and played some damn good baseball for a couple days.

Again, congrats to the best team to ever play in one of our events…The Southland Hogs!!

As some of you know, especially those who follow me or PATP on Facebook, I am currently taking a very meandering trip around our great country. I have left New Orleans with stops in Houston, Marble Falls, and currently type out this news update in Oklahoma City….today on to Springfield Mo. I’m having a blast and need the time to wind down after a very busy fall season……check Facebook for all the minutia….

Our next event is February 6-8 in St. Petersburg Florida. As you probably know we had to change the venue from Al Lang to the Walter Fuller Complex a few miles away. We have contacted a great beach front hotel called the Postcard Inn and it looks fabulous. The perfect family get away vacation….The baseball complex is Major League all the way with all the amenities we are famous for, so check out the info on the website…we can now accept more players as we have more fields at our disposal.

Well I gotta pack…..checkout time here is fast approaching and I have a meeting with the Simpson Family in Springfield……be in touch soon…….


Scott Green
Play At The Plate