Hello Players,
Here is your Baseball news from PATP:
  • Playoff/World Series Sale
  • Dates for Cooperstown in 2018
  • Welcome to the Cogliano Family
  • Sugar Land Event On Hold
  • See You In Phoenix and Ft. Myers
  • Durham or Myrtle…pick one!
  • Japan in 2018?
We hope you are enjoying the MLB Playoffs and your favorite team is advancing. Mine didn’t qualify for the second straight year and by the looks of it they won’t be there a third year in a row either. But here is my off season prediction…The Cards get Giancarlo Stanton in a blockbuster trade. You heard it here first.
Now on to the news…
This Friday we will be running a sale on our 2018 events which will begin with the opening pitch of the League Championship Series and end with the last pitch of the World Series. Hopefully, the Series itself will go down to the last pitch like last year’s. You’ll get another email in a day or so with all the sales details etc.
We received the application for our Cooperstown dates next fall and the requested dates are Sept. 14-16, 2018. I should know in a few weeks if the request has been granted.
While I’m talking about Cooperstown, I want to welcome and wish Dan Cogliano and his family who have recently entered the world of adult baseball all the best wishes. They supported PATP with both their attendance in years past and their promoting of it. In fact, David Cogliano spent an entire day with me sweating his ass off while we spread 100 cubic yards of infield clay on the field we built for kids with cancer for the Ray Lammie Memorial Field. Good luck with Legends and I hope to return to the event that literally got me back involved with baseball.
Our event in Sugar Land is on hold as of this writing. Constellation Field suffered no damage during Hurricane Harvey, but apparently, the local Rugby team’s field did, and for whatever reason beyond my belief they decided to turn the park into a rugby arena and the field is tied up until March 1st. The Skeeters will then re-sod the field and reinstall the infield and mound and begin their season in April. So I doubt we’ll get the go ahead in late March. We’ll keep you posted. Too bad too, because we wanted to rename the event The Steve Sparks Memorial Classic and the interest was there for probably 8 teams…..I’ll stay on it.
We are going to try and get the event in Myrtle Beach going again in 2018 in either March or April to run before the local leagues begin and use the event much like we do at Palm Beach as a Spring Training event for the adult baseball player.
We are only going to offer one “special event” a year from now on. Sometimes we offer just too much and sales get split between 2 events. That was the case this year with offering both Myrtle Beach and Minnesota. So from now on its, Palm Beach, Cooperstown, and Iowa plus one special stadium event. Enough with competing with ourselves. If something unbelievable comes across the table who knows…but I will not be trying to get us into any MLB parks in the future.
We are hoping to return someday to Birmingham and historic Rickwood Field but they still have not begun to fix whatever structural issues that are causing the city to shut it down. Apparently, it has become a political issue in the city and they are awaiting this year’s local elections to decide on its future.
Like many of you, I am also getting ready to go to one of the big World Series events in either Arizona or Florida….good luck there and keep an eye out for this old man as he’s playing in the 60’s event in both…
Heads up for the sale this week…..enjoy the playoffs and as always thanks for your continued support of PATP…
One final quick note…If we went back to Japan in the fall of 2018, would you join us??? The cost is around 3K per person…..
See you on the field,