Heading To Iowa

Minnesota here we come

The Summer Sale


10% off for Veterans

Dear Players,

We hope you are enjoying your long holiday weekend standing over the grill, vacationing, watching a ball game or just relaxing as we celebrate the unofficial start to summer. We also hope you have taken a few moments to think about what this holiday means to our country.

Just a quick update on things that are going on…..

I’ll be heading to Iowa next week for our site visit and to put the finishing touches on our 2 Field of Dreams tournaments in August. There are only 4 spots left for the weekend of August 10-13. We are looking extremely forward to these unique events which we hope to make into an annual trek. We’ll be posting pics next week on social media… REGISTER Field of Dreams 2

As most of you know we have added Target Field in Minnesota and CHS Field in St. Paul for a 2-day event Sept. 9-10. All the details are on the website including the link to the Millennium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. The sign ups already have been excellent so don’t wait too long to pull the trigger on the chance to play in a major league park, which by the way is becoming more and more difficult. This could be the last time… REGISTER Twin Cities

This coming Friday, June 2nd we will launch our annual Summer Sale (Minnesota will not be on included). Last year 40% of the players who came to our Palm Beach Classic took advantage of the saving and signed up. Myrtle Beach, Cooperstown, Daytona Beach and the Lone Star Classic will be included in the sale. We’ll run it for 2 weeks until June 18th. Again all the info is on the site so heads up for another email later this week concerning just the sale.

I wanted to shout out to a group of players in New Jersey who have adopted our name for their newly formed league run by good friend Kevin Smith. It’s Play at the Plate New Jersey. Kevin has done a remarkable job in setting up a large contingent of players in North Jersey for a mid-week and Sunday League. We agreed that Kevin could use our name in return for his promotion of PATP. He’s done that and we are thrilled that PATPNJ will have a full squad and be joining us in Dyersville this August.

And finally as we remember those who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom and pursue our dreams, I would like to announce our new Veterans Discount Policy for PATP effective 5/29/2017. If you are a former or current person who has served in our military, we’d like to offer you a 10% discount to any and all PATP events from this moment forward. You’ll sign up online for the regular price and we’ll rebate you your 10%….it’s easier that way. Just mention your service to us in the comments box when registering.

Well, get back to the hamburgers…..knowing some of you I’m sure they’re burning….

God Bless America

Speak to you soon.