• Palm Beach Classic Recap
  • Let’s play at America’s Oldest Field
  • A few spots left for Toledo
  • Newport is beautiful in September
  • Seibu Dome here we come
  • Sarasota update

Happy May everyone. I hope it’s finally feeling like spring where you are. Just a quick hello….

We want to congratulate the 2015 PB Classic Champions, “The Frat House” led by Rob Kloska and Rich Brogan. They were the best team and finished the event at 6-1 and beat a tough Mutiny team in a pivotal final game.

We had some history made at the event this year as Rob Heinemann and Gary Dover threw back to back no-hitters and Nick Cucciarella hit 4 home runs over the entire event and 2 in one game. Congrats to these players and thanks to all the players who made the trek to our signature event.

Other than a rain delay of a few hours on Saturday everything went extremely well. The weather was great and the baseball was excellent. We look forward to our 13th season next April…dates coming soon.

In 7 weeks we return for our 3rd event at beautiful historic Rickwood Field in Birmingham Alabama. It’s a team oriented, full rules event at our nation’s oldest field. If you saw the movie 42 recently, most of the baseball scenes were shot at that beautiful location. This by far is my favorite park we play in. There is still time to sign up…

We are happy to say that we sold out Toledo’s Mud Hen Mania, but we’ve had a few cancellations…there are 3 spots available as of this writing…so if you were on the fence, you have a shot to play at both the former and current home of the Mud Hens, Ned Skeldon and 5/3 Field…don’t wait….the reggie page is open again.

I was in beautiful Newport last week for the second time in my life and I must tell you its absolutely breathtaking there. I saw the schooner “The Adirondack II” that we will be on Friday night for our trip around Narragansett Bay and it’s just beautiful. I visited the Ocean Rd. and Cliff Walk and was astounded at the size and grandeur of the mansions. This is a must trip for couples. There are only 13 spots left…I visited some area hotels and I am awaiting some final numbers and will have a hotel in place in the next week or so.

My great friends John Baessler and Mitz Tokuda are busy finalizing our itinerary for Japan which will have us playing a game inside Seibu Dome the home of the Seibu Lions. We have a few spots left. If playing baseball and seeing Japan have been a wish for you…we’ll make it come true…check the website for all the details.

And finally we have to change our itinerary in Sarasota next February. I got a phone call from the Orioles and they are not too hot on us using Ed Smith Stadium for a few games. They feel that it’s a conflict with their fantasy camp who are allowed to play there. Our contact tried to explain to them there was no conflict but alas, they feel it is. So that being the case we won’t be able to give every team a game there. We have already updated the reggie page with a reduced price, similar to last year’s event in St. Pete of $395. We have about a dozen players already signed up for this, I’ll contact them directly to either credit their account or send the 50 dollar refund back immediately.

The Buck O’Neil Baseball Complex is a top notch facility and at that rate, it may be the best bargain of anything we are running…again, check the info page on our site…

Okay, enough for now…..if you’re playing in a league back home, we hope you’re playing well and don’t forget to mention us to your team mates or the whole social media scene…it really does work….

Speak to you soon,

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