Happy Spring Training everybody! Isn’t it a great time of year. All our teams are gearing up for the season and hopefully you are also.

4 weeks from tomorrow we will be enjoying our 13th annual trip to the fabulous Palm Beaches for the best spring training event in adult baseball, The Palm Beach Classic at Roger Dean Stadium and complex.

There are still some spots left. We will be closing the registration for this event on Saturday March 26th at 6PM EDT

Many of you have said you are attending but have not gone to our website to register…please do so before the cut-off date.

On other news…We thought we had one or two MLB Parks this year to play at, Seattle and Minnesota. The cost for Seattle was agreed upon which was quite fair and sellable and then additional costs for things like dugouts, locker rooms and batting tunnels entered the picture and it became prohibitive. The Twins wanted us at a great rate but could we could not find a mutually agreeable date and adding the St. Paul Saints to mix who were also willing to host us, just proved to be too difficult to put together. We will try again next year for Target Field.

Toledo is a go and if you were on the waiting list last year to play at both the former and current home of the Mud Hens, you should be thinking about that trip now…it’s happening August 4-6.

Do you have a team that can play some ball in a full rules only event? Come to the Rickwood Classic in Birmingham Alabama this June 24-26th and play some serious hardball at America’s oldest park.

Next week we’ll send out our annual MLB predictions contest. It’s a lot of fun and we usually get 150 participants a year. I can’t wait to see how many people are going to pick the Cubs, probably the same amount who picked the Nationals last year. (Can’t tell I’m a Cards fan huh?) Speaking of which, the Cardinals are running a contest for the most fanatical fan. You submit a 2 minute video…get ready for that…I’m winning that contest!!!

Well that’s it for now…remember to register for Palm Beach before the 26th…we have 2 great hotels to choose from. All the info is our site: playattheplate.org

Speak to you soon…..Greenie