Dear Players,

We hope that the beginning of the summer season has been treating you well. Just some quick stuff here to go over so here we go….
Congratulations to the Atlanta Muckbaggers who won their 4th consecutive Rickwood title last weekend. It was a hot weekend for sure and I take my hat off to all the players who made the trip to America’s oldest field. The Baggers beat the Texas Bandits 8 to 5. The Bandits who had not won a pool game upset the Bisons in the semi’s 4 to 3 in a real nail biter. It was great baseball from all the teams. No blow outs and everyone had a victory. A special note of thanks to my dear friend Jerry Harris the manager of the Alabama Cardinals who is retiring from baseball this season. Jerry was instrumental in making this event happen. I’ll miss him, but his group will continue to join us. In fact we are expanding this event next year as we have found another field to play at this is beautiful and close by, Birmingham Southern College. We may be changing the time of year on this and move it to September and re-institute The Champions League….more on this as time moves on…but we are going to make the event grow regardless of the calendar.
Just a reminder that we extended the summer sale which will now end on the evening of the All Star Game. Dozens of players have taken advantage of this sale. You’ll get another reminder next week. Recap of Summer Sale at the end of this page.
Speaking of the All Star Game, I will be heading out to San Diego next week for my annual gig with MLB and run their fantasy camp. They allowed us to sell some spots this year and we are thrilled to be bringing 10 clients of our own to this great gala event.
We still have about a dozen spots left for Toledo….I may be willing to make a deal on this event and a future one….call me…Check out the summer sale below.
And finally a very good friend of ours who handles the umpires in Birmingham is need of our help. David Webster’s wife is a quadriplegic after suffering a freak fall one night several years ago in her home. David’s constant care of his wife has had an unbelievable toll on him. He unfortunately lost his job as a result of the time needed to care for her and now finds himself needing the help of those who can certainly spare a few dollars. I implore you to go to the link listed here and help the Webster family. Please!!
Enjoy….July, see you in San Diego and Toledo…..oh by the way…we need 3 more guys for Japan!!

Recap of Summer Sale Below!
Scott Green
Play at the Plate


Mud Hens Mania 2

August 5-7, 2016
5/3 Field Ned Skeldon
Regular Single Player: $525
Summer Sale: $425
Father and Son: $825
Sept. 23-25, 2016
Cooperstown, N.Y.
Regular single player: $395
Summer Sale: $345
Regular Father and Son: $750
Summer Sale: $700
Regular Father and 2 sons: $995
Summer Sale: $895
Winter Haven, Florida
February 2-5, 2017
Regular Single Player: $450
Summer Sale: $375
Regular Father and Son: $850
Summer Sale: $750

The 14th Annual Palm Beach Classic

April 6-9, 2017
Roger Dean Stadium and Complex
Jupiter, Florida
Regular Single player: $525
Summer Sale: $395   25% OFF!!!!
Team Rate to 12, regular:  $5500
Summer Sale team rate: $4,850  (up to 13 players)