FAQWhat is included in my tournament fee?
Your fee includes all of the baseball activity, use of the locker rooms when available, perhaps a get together party. It does not include any travel expenses, lodging or meals unless otherwise stated.

What equipment should I bring?
Glove, cleats, (Most MLB Parks insist on turf shoes) a pro style uniform or two, cap. We will provide the balls, helmets, and catchers gear.

Are aluminum bats allowed?
Absolutely not. Not ever, ever, ever.

When should I arrive at the city the tournament is being played in?
Ideally you should arrive the night before.

When should I be expecting to leave?
Almost always by early evening the last day of the tournament.

Should I stay at the “team hotel”?
You are free to stay anywhere you like. We always find a nationally known hotel that will give us a good rate for the group.

How would you rate the competition?
Every event has a different level of competition. For example, Palm Beach, New Orleans, Birmingham and St. Petersburg are very competitive events that can feature full teams competing. Our events in MLB Parks is for the enjoyment of playing there and Cooperstown is more family geared father and son event with a competitive friendly format.

What is the average age?
Around 45 years old

Can kids play with their parents?
Children (accompanied by a parent) of 15 years old may play, but they cannot pitch.

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