I Just Want To Play Some Ball II

Palisades Credit Union Park in Pomona, NY
Dutchess Stadium in Fishkill, NY
Skylands Stadium, Augusta, N.J.
Yogi Berra Stadium, Montclair, N.J.
Sept. 23-26, 2021


Hello Players,
Archived from Oct 2020

The full rules division can play a final on Sunday night between the 2 best records with the next 2 teams playing a 3rd place game. Or…play 2 semifinals with the winners coming back Monday for a final at 6pm at Boulders Stadium. All 4 Full Rules teams would have to agree to come back to put this format into action. You decide.

Modified Rules team’s format, best record after pool play will be declared the champion of this prestigious event.
I tried my best to keep the travelling to a minimum along with the wait time between games. Unfortunately there are a couple long spells on Sunday…sorry.

I want to personally thank Courtney Vardi from the Boulders for going far beyond the required amount of energy to help all of get this tournament in under very strict time frames and one day of bad weather. She out did herself. And to Rob Farese from Ramapo Parks and Rec. Rob got onboard early and he and I will be working the field at Reisman tomorrow morning to get it ready.
So there it is….let’s play some frickin ball……see you all today



If you are on a pool team you can contact your managers via email to introduce yourselves.

Team M4 David Mitchell: dam032164@gmail.com

Team M5 Troy Milne: troy44@live.com

My email is: scottgreen@optonline.net  cell: 631 255 4475


I will stay in touch via email and on our website (Open emails from PATP! Thanks)…Updated Roster on Homepage. Keep the faith, we’ll get it done……Greenie

P.S. bring a change of shoes. If we have to tarp the field. You’re gonna get your feet wet getting the water off!!



Looks like we are going to get in one event this season which will feature a PATP first…multiple stadiums for a tournament.

We have procured 2 beautiful stadiums in upstate N.Y….Palisades Credit Union Park in Pomona which is home to the N.Y. Boulders and Dutchess Stadium which is home to the Hudson Valley Renegades in Fishkill.

We also have some secondary fields to fill out the schedule based on hosting 10 teams. In addition we will have a field set aside the first day for a day long practice session.

Two weeks ago we put out a sniff and everyone and their brother was chomping at the bit to play that weekend. We have done our homework and now can confirm with all certainty that we will be playing ball that weekend.

Each team will be scheduled to play 5 and perhaps 6 games over the 3 days. Games will be 7 innings and we should be able to have both a modified rules (no outright base stealing) and a full rules division with a final playoff game slotted for both divisions.

So, that being said, please read the following very carefully!

  1. We are going to open the registration to the single players and small groups which will comprise the pool teams first. The entry fee will be $175 per player. They will have 48 hours to sign up so we can determine how many full teams we can allow into the event.
  2. The full teams will then be able to enter with one representative in charge of paying the team fee of $2,000 for a roster up to 14 players. After 14 each additional player will be charged $150. A nonrefundable deposit of $250 can be used to secure the spot while the manager collects his fees. Full payment must be received by October 9th. All players on all teams MUST REGISTER on line!!! They will put in the comments box what team they are playing for. If they are not registered they are ineligible to play.
  3. The event is for players 30 and over, but keeping our long standing tradition of sharing our events with fathers and sons we will continue that practice here also. A father can bring his son if he is 14 or older, but he cannot pitch in the event.
  4. Unlike all of our previous events, this is a bare bones, no frills event. You will NOT have clubhouse usage, laundry service or any food served to you by us or the ballparks. We are NOT even bringing the igloo coolers. You will come to the park, wearing a mask, a uniform, your equipment and you will have your temperature taken upon entering the ballpark every day! If you have a temperature you will not be admitted. NO EXCEPTIONS. You’ll also fill out a waiver the first time at the park upon entering.
  5. I will provide helmets and catchers gear for the pool teams, but would really appreciate it if you had your own to use. (never understood how someone didn’t have their own fricking helmet) Of course we will be providing the baseballs and the umpires. This is wood bat only!
  6. Bathrooms will be open to us and to guests, who will also be checked on the way in and will sit in a roped off section. In fact toilets are in the dugouts at Palisades Park.
  7. Your gift from us will be a neck gator mask for you to wear in the dugout and when walking around the parks. You do not need to wear it during the games.
  8. Games will be 7 innings and we will have some time constraints along the way. So keep the between inning lollygagging to a minimum. Especially on the public fields.
  9. A final schedule will be made when we determine how many teams are involved and what format we are going to use. You may be playing late Sunday evening. I am still looking for another area field for Sunday so we can be home at a reasonable hour.
  10. Most importantly….most of us haven’t played much if any ball this year due to the Covid Pandemic. It’s been a tough time for a lot of people. We lost every event we scheduled plus a gig with MLB. So we are truly ecstatic that we can get a chance to play some ball in 2 great venues and be together again for a weekend sharing the game we love. Keep this is mind and you’ll surely enjoy the weekend a little more.




As always thanks for your support….

Dutchess Stadium

Palisades Credit Union Park