Doubleday Fall Classic

Doubleday Field/Beaver Valley Field
Cooperstown, New York.

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Sign up early for 2014!!! This event sells out quickly.


We will only be using Doubleday Field for our games. You’ll have the unheard of opportunity to play the entire event at this beautiful park. We will have an early arrival practice on Wednesday at Beaver Valley Campground at 3PM and on Friday morning we will have a Home Run Derby with the purpose of not only finding out who can go yard, but to raise some money for our charities as well. It’s a lot of fun and I would like all the participants to please take part in the contest. (Check Greenie’s bat, it’s probably corked)

We have several players who are playing only 2 days of the event, so don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of names on the roster. It averages to 12 or 13 per day. We are playing modified rules and I am allowing anyone to pitch regardless of age, as long as they can throw strikes.

Some quick D’Day rules…..warm up in the outfield only. No sunflower seeds allowed in the dugout or field.….they go ape s**t over that. You can wear metal spikes if you wish. Please be on time. We will have a group get together in the stands for the entire camp after the first game.

I will have a large box for your Cleats for Kids donations…so please bring any used or unwanted baseball gear, clothing, spikes or anything related to baseball for those who are unable to own their own equipment. It really does make a difference.

Below you will find the rosters and the schedule. Pay attention to Friday the times are a little different because of the HR Derby…btw winner will get a prize……. I am leaving either late Tuesday or early Wednesday. I am staying at the Red Carpet Inn and Suites and can be reached at 631 255 4475 on my cell if needed. The preliminary forecast looks good and we should be able to get all the games in.

I have balanced the schedule so every team will finish a day late, early and staggered, as to be fair and give all the players the chance to explore Cooperstown.

Many of you owe your fee. I want that the first day. The D-Backs will give their fee to Rob Williams. Stop by my room for a glass of wine or a beer before we head out to dinner….the town will be ours, so let’s enjoy ourselves.
I thank you all again for your support, and look forward to seeing you in a few day’s……..Greenie

Cooperstown, NY